Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ma Society and Kin Feng martial arts club 52nd anniversary

This is one of the lion dance performance I saw and recorded at the 52nd anniversary of Ma Society and Kin Feng martial arts club. I enjoyed this performance since it shows how much effort and dedication the young kids put out. All of them should be under the age 12.

5 baby lion dance by Kin Feng instructed by Master Sifu Ma

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Dragon Trident 九龍大叉

In Chan Heung's 陳享 generation, he created a weapon exclusive to Choy Lee Fut called the Nine-Dragon Trident 九龍大叉. This weapon was designed to shred any part of the opponent with which it might come into contact. With the many hooks and blades it has, the trident can also be used to seize an opponent's weapon by hooking and then twisting it.

Choy Lee Fut Dragon Trident 蔡李佛 九龍大叉
(note: watch time 0:20 to 1:08)