The Lineage

Choy Lee Fut martial arts had spreaded and established thoughout the world. Overtime, like many other martial arts, it had developed new techniques, other styles of martial arts, and several other branches. These different developments may differ in training and style, and even differences in historic perspectives.

The four main branches are:
  1. King Mui 京梅 / Chan 陳家 Family Choy Lee Fut Branch
  2. Fut San 佛山 / Hung Sing  雄勝 Choy Lee Fut Branch
  3. Jiangmen 江門 / Kong Chow 岡州 Choy Lee Fut Branch
  4. Buk Sing 北勝 Choy Lee Fut Branch

King Mui 京梅 / Chan Family 陳家

This lineage is started by the founder of Choy Lee Fut Chan Heung 陳享 which is considered the orignal Choy Lee Fut.

Fut San 佛山 / Hung Sing 雄勝

The orientation of this lineage focus on combat training, so there are eight hand sets as the primary core. This style is know for aggressive fighting methods, such as continuous non-stop combination and exaggerated side-stance techniques, as well as some aggressive weapons forms.

In addition to the core sets, they are taught Jing Jong wooden dummy form called Chi Kuen (Pulling Fist). The apparatus is known as the "Side Body Balance Dummy" designed to mimic this style of side body opening salutation. This style also have many unique weapons and hand sparring sets to teach the practical use of the system.

Jiangmen 江門 / Kong Chow 岡州

The lineage was created by Wong Gong 黄江 in 1989. Later on, King Mui 京梅 became a part of Jiangmen 江門 city, therefore, Chan's teaching ended up being considered to be part of  Jiangmen lineage.

Buk Sing 北勝

The orientation of this lineage emphasis on the application of combat techniques rather than the practice of the hand sets.