The Choy Lee Fut system is built with a variety of hand techniques and leg techniques that are used in combinations for speed training, self-defence, and sets/forms. The hand and leg techniques can be used in short, mid, and long range defence or attack which makes this system one of the most practical and effective systems in the world. These techniques are listed below separately.
The list of hand techniques include:
  1. Kum 擒 pressing palm deflection
  2. Na 拿 shooting arm bridge
  3. Gwa 掛 back fist
  4. Sao 掃 sweeping
  5. Chap 插 yin/yang knuckle strike
  6. Pow 拋 upward power shot
  7. Jong 撞 small upward power shot
  8. Chaw 爪 claw
  9. Been 鞭 swinging power shot
  10. Pek 劈 chop
  11. Lui Yin 擂陰 yin/yang fist
The list of  leg techniques include:
  1. Chan 撐 bracing
  2. Dang 釘 nailing
  3. Liu Tat 撩踢 kicking
  4. So 掃 sweeping
  5. Jit 截 blocking
  6. Au 勾 hooking
  7. Dan 彈 springing
Choy Lee Fut is a very sophisticated and complicated system. Due to the combination of Northern and Southern style Martial Arts, the application of the hand and leg techniques can be applied in different forms (refer to the history section on the creation of Choy Lee Fut)

The list of different applications include:
  1. Yin 陰 negative
  2. Yang 陽 positive
  3. Kong 剛 hard
  4. Yau 柔 soft
  5. Hui 虛 false
  6. Shi 實 real
  7. Tou 偷 stealing
  8.  Lau 溜 sneaking
These different form of applications are also the core training of Choy Lee Fut which helps the Choy Lee Fut practitioners generate and build internal power. With all these different ways of excuting the combination of the various hand and leg techniques, makes it hard for the opponent to predict your next movement.